I hope the cows don’t get wind of this post, because I’m going to talk gardening again. They tend to get pretty sassy if they know I’m not giving them full attention. I’ll take my chances……   001.jpg     If you’re visiting garden centers and taking a look around….I’m sure you’ve noticed that succulents are all the rage. It took me awhile to catch on, but now that it’s planting time I’m joining the craze. I like putting them in any old vintage container I can find. A broken piece of clay pot gives it a little extra punch.    010.jpg      A shiny pot looks just as nice if you aren’t into vintage. I like to add a tall plant, something that trails, and always an uneven number. I can be pretty “OCD”
about some things. Most succulents are green, but different shades. Some look almost blue. Some change colors as they grow. I’m learning all this as I buy and plant.    233       This is another creation we’re trying. An old vintage box. I love these. The great thing about succulents is that they don’t require much watering. Maybe once a week if that. I’m going to try a squirt bottle and just moisten them a bit.  004Here’s another vintage box, but with only four sections. I have this pebble gravel everywhere so I just sprinkled this over the soil. You can buy fancy stuff, but I’m not fancy.   005.jpg      All these wooden boxes are pretty cool. I’d like to collect them all. The “hen and chicks” always make me think of my Grandma. Precious memories…how they linger….remember that old hymn? Carol