May is the month for Peonies. Hands down my favorite flower ever. I remember as a young girl having them in our garden. Only problem….I didn’t appreciate them back then the way I do now. Funny how that works. Adulting changes everything.  012.jpg     Why would you not love these beauties?! I have 3 different kinds and I’m fairly certain that I’m going to invest in many more. Lots more. I may even have to sell a cow to help pay for them. The one that tries to kill me every time I milk her. She’s hateful! Just like some humans……….. 013.jpg     In full bloom….fabulous! I have this color out by the barn and it brightens up the whole day. Too bad they only bloom once a year. I made sure I enjoyed them while they lasted. 105.jpg      These pictures are different sizes because my phone did an update and changed everything. Anyway, in my research I discovered that when picking blooms you’re supposed to cut them when they feel like a puffy marshmallow. I think this one is ready to harvest. 101.jpg      Oh my….just look how beautiful! The flecks of pink are awesome. I was dense and didn’t write down the name and date when I bought these, so I’m not sure what I have. You’re supposed to plant in the fall and let them grow for 3 years before harvesting any blooms. After that they’ll outlive you. I had better get busy…. 114.jpg     Here again, I’m not sure what kind this is. I have a catalog that I’ve been “shopping” in. I flip through it and circle the ones I want. Then I realize I circled way too many. Decisions, decisions. And where am I going to put them? Trust me….I will find a special place. 123.jpg             The white ones were right in my path walking to and from the barn. So, I would stop and get on my knees and sniff and admire……. I tried to get the rest of my crew to appreciate the beauty. I pointed out “Hey, look, aren’t these amazing?!” They just gave me this blank look like “Mother”…..calm down. I took tons of pictures. I’ll swoon over them this winter when the North wind is howling and I’m teetering on the edge of sanity………………………Carol