It’s summertime. Time to fly the “American flag” and celebrate. What better time than the 4th of July. So, I’ll show you what I like to do out here on the farm……041.jpg       Red is bright and eye-catching. It goes well with the farm….and my flag themed décor. Of course, a cow skull is a must. Cows are my life, you know! 026.jpg    We are in the middle of “haying season” and so the bales were a nice backdrop for the roadside flag. Those will be hauled in to the hay barn today. Before or after evening milking? Time will tell. 037.jpg     I found these patriotic pillows early summer and just had to grab a few. How perfect for my patio! The old door is part of my vintage garden every year. The flag is beginning to look a bit faded. Maybe I’ll replace it this year…… To do lists are my thing. 008.jpg     I would love to have an American flag on top of the silo. How in the world will I ever get that accomplished?! That thing is 70 feet tall and I’m scared of heights. If you look closely…..Candace is at the top with raised hands. She has totally lost all her marbles! She climbed to the top to get storm cloud pictures. Desperation has set in is all I can say. It’s actually very cool up there….if you have the nerve to climb that high. 053.jpg       Big girl likes the flag too. I stuck it there just for the holiday…..and they all had to sniff and play with it. Jersey girls are the cutest….051.jpg      Holsteins still rule. The mud holes are almost completely dried up and the heat is intense. Therefore, I’ve got the misters going every day. Ahhhh……they love that cool water spraying on their backs. That half mile walk home every afternoon is hot and tiring. It doesn’t take long and they’re chewing their cud….totally relaxed. I’m thinkin’ maybe I’ll stand underneath those misters and see what effect they have on humans. Haha So long….your favorite milkmaid…………………..Carol