Does anyone else still make applesauce or am I the Lone Ranger? Growing up we always made homemade applesauce. I didn’t even know bought applesauce existed……… 028.jpg       I haven’t done this in several years. My freezer was empty and I was buying applesauce. Oh, the shame of it! So, when I got word that there were apples on the tree……I recruited some help and went a pickin’. They were beautiful! Here is the first step….washing and cutting. 027.jpg       I started this process after my morning chores. You cut them in half and snip out the stem and bottom bits. Then quarter them and you’re ready to start the cooking process. 029     I had two kettles going and I was rushing around to keep up with them. You put a little bit of water in the pot so as not to scorch the apples…..(who wants burned applesauce) and let them cook until soft and mushy. If you add too much water the applesauce will be watery and runny. I learned that the hard way…..back when I was young and inexperienced. Now I’m old and I still don’t know anything…….031.jpg       Now for the fun part. Pour the hot apples into the top of the “strainer” and start cranking. The seeds and peeling of the apples goes out the end and the sauce runs down the “chute” into the pan. Mmmmmm…..warm applesauce is delicious! 035.jpg      The kids have always loved to make applesauce. Everyone was busy that day, but I did get the “youngest farmer” to do some cranking for me. 037       I came to the point where I was seriously dragging and I decided…..screw it…..I’m fixing myself a big ‘ole iced coffee. I figured I deserved it………it was fabulous. 039.jpg     I persevered and this is what I had at the end of the assembly line. Does that not look fabulous?! It was some of the best applesauce I’ve ever made! Add just a little sugar because the apples are tart. 041.jpg       Wow! What an awesome feeling. All that hard work and the end result is a freezer full of delicious applesauce. Goodness! I think I went a little crazy! Never underestimate the power of a farm girl. Your favorite Milkmaid………………….Carol