I love summertime! Time to sit in the shade and sip a cold drink. Time to stop and smell the flowers. I’m going to show you a few of my outside “sit and sip” areas that I have created. 023.jpg     This spot is quiet and peaceful. All the action is on the other side of the house. This is the perfect place for me to hide when I’ve just about had it. If they ask me one more time “what’s for supper”….I’m going to explode! Anyway…..check out that bicycle. It was a $10.00 find at a garage sale. But those chairs are my pride and joy. Antique store treasures! 027.jpg       I mostly arrange with 2 or more chairs, but we never sit and have a lovely conversation. We work together 24/7…..we all need our space. Haha These chairs were actually given to me for free. Can’t beat a deal like that! 026.jpg        My “ring of fire” that Candace and I built. A chair for each member of the family. Now in the fall when it cools down….we do spend time together around the fire. Earl might spend a whole 5 minutes and then he’s off to the house…..party pooper! 005.jpg       I love my red checked tablecloth. I realize now that I don’t take enough time to sit and enjoy all my hard work. So, tomorrow I think I’ll drink my iced coffee on the patio. After I finish mowing the yard…and milking the cows. Your favorite Milkmaid………………Carol