Every year I plant sunflowers in my garden. I ordered my seeds in the early spring and I was so excited…..all the cool colors. I could see it already. My garden was going to be the coolest ever! Only one problem……lots. of. rain.     012.jpg             I had just planted all my “cool” sunflowers when a few days later we get a 3 inch rain. I was beside myself. I just knew that they had all drowned and it was going to be a total loss. Lo and behold……some of them survived. I’ve been harvesting sunflowers and putting together bouquets for my kitchen.   028.jpg      This seems to be everyone’s favorite color so far…….the original. Michael wanted to know why I even bother with anything else. 030.jpg      I love this one. Most of these survived the rain, because I have the most of this color. I think I’ll order these again. 040.jpg      These little yellow ones are pretty tough too. They’re smaller, but have a ton of blooms. They make a bright and cheery bouquet. 043.jpg      This is what my garden looks like this year. It was basically under water the first part of the summer. I put the sunflowers on the east side in “high” ground. When it did finally dry off it was too late for the normal garden stuff, so I went with pumpkins. I had a ton of random seeds. All shapes, colors, and sizes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping I’ll have a massive pumpkin crop. This picture is a few weeks old and the plants have now almost totally covered the whole garden.035.jpg       So, which color is your favorite? Do you need a sunflower bouquet to brighten your day? I’m dreaming of a field full of sunflowers…….with all the cows in the background. Beautiful! Your favorite Milkmaid………………Carol