Here’s a quick little energy tip to help you through the day. If you don’t have the drive to go milk all those cows or feed those calves. Try popping one of these in your mouth. Doesn’t everybody have cows to milk….in some form or other? Just try them……………..003.jpg      I don’t always put M&M’s in mine, but they have some pretty cool colors right now for Halloween. It’s all about the presentation, right? Makes them taste better.

      1 cup quick oats

      1/2 cup peanut butter

     1/4 cup honey

     chocolate chips to taste


     Mix together and shape into a ball. I like to use my pampered chef small cookie scoop. Then I refrigerate them and store in a container. Every time you walk (or run) past the fridge grab one for the road. They are delicious! If you’re hardcore…..throw in an iced coffee or Dr. Pepper / Pepsi. You will be unstoppable! There ain’t nuthin’ you can’t do. Now a quick side note. The recipe calls for whey, flax seed, wheat bran…..you know that fiber stuff? I’m not there yet….I’m only 49. So, it may be something you’re interested in adding. Just saying……………………Carol