The seasons are changing and I’m scared. I’m not mentally prepared for cold weather. I have a love/hate relationship with “Old Man Winter”….mostly hate! But first, I’m trying to enjoy pumpkin season. I did have a fairly decent harvest from the patch. Not too shabby I must say……..063.jpg      I planted the entire garden into pumpkins. It was too wet to plant anything else. By the time things dried out it was too late for vegetables. I had a ton of pumpkin seeds and so I decided to go hog-wild and plant the whole batch. Go big or go home!018     I’ve been walking the patch daily to pick anything that’s ready. I love all the crazy colors. There was no rhyme or reason to how I planted. I just created a chaotic pumpkin patch.   027.jpg      I piled them on the trailer and sprayed them clean with the water hose. We had just had another 3 inches of rain and it was either watch them rot or cut them off while still a bit green. When it rains it pours!051       Another reason I’m having to cut them green is because I have a huge project waiting for that half of my garden and I’m getting frantic to get things started. It needs to be done this month.

So, I set the pumpkins in the sun to see if they’ll finish ripening. I’m taking notes of the whole mess because next year I plan to put out a bigger and better patch. I have the secret spot all picked out and I’ve decided to call it “Area 51”. Haha 053.jpg      I still have about 15-20 of these trying to ripen. I call them my “Cinderella” pumpkins. I can’t wait! I’m leaving these on the vine. They’re on the other side of the patch and aren’t included in my new project. So….they can rest in peace. I won’t try to hurry them. 042      The best….my mammoth white pumpkins! I had no idea I was getting anything like this. What a lovely surprise. Of course the boys think white pumpkins are ridiculous. Why white? Pumpkins are orange! Only orange….nothing else! I let it go in one ear and out the other. I love all the weird and crazy colors….shapes and sizes……………….Carol