Alright, I’ve done it now. I’ve totally gone mad…..also known as “Mad Cow” in my world. I know exactly what your response will be…..Girl, you have totally lost your mind! Yes, I know! That happened years ago. Ok, here goes……….038       I went and ordered myself a whole bunch of peonies. 45 to be exact. Lord have mercy! What in the world was I thinking?! What will I do with so many?! I’m almost embarrassed….almost. And then I think about the finished product and my heart sings! And I skip and hop and I can’t wipe the smile off of my face.054      I spent hours researching, reading, asking questions, and reading some more. That’s why I look so tired in this picture. Haha I kept asking myself….should I do this? Am I crazy? Yes, I am! Finally I thought….screw it! I’m goin’ for it! There’s no turning back now. They are in the ground….Amen!055.jpg       This was my garden plot after the pumpkins. It needed some serious TLC. So, I recruited some help…..060.jpg      First we needed to build it up because it was low and didn’t drain well. We hauled in dirt and compost and tried to work it all in with the tiller. Earl spent several days working on this project and I was amazed he didn’t blow a gasket. If you live with a farmer you know what I’m talking about. I overheard him tell one of the boys he hopes he never has to work that plot again….hahaha. 065.jpg      Here we are trying to square it off. That in itself will drive a person insane. We did our best and called it a day. Then it started raining. 9 inches to be exact. I was having a meltdown! How will I ever get these bulbs planted?! 068.jpg      In the meantime….I color coded my little markers. Red…pink…coral…and white…my favorite! These are electric fence posts that we aren’t using and they worked perfect.         119.jpg      I spent 4 1/2 hours digging and planting bulbs one afternoon. I was exhausted by the time I finished. The ground was very wet and that made for lots of hard shoveling. I was seriously questioning my sanity by the time I got them all in the ground. And then I had room for 3 more and I went and ordered them yet too! My brain is fried! I tried to keep the end result in mind…..in 3 years I should be able to cash in on my investment and finally have the most beautiful bouquets ever…………Carol