I spend 95% of my life surrounded by cows, calves, and cowboys. Therefore…..anytime I go out for a little “girl fun”,(extremely rare) I always have to remind myself of a few simple rules……

1. Smile and be kind to everyone

2. Keep your elbows off the table

3. Chew with your mouth closed

4. For cryin’ out loud….use your inside voice

      These are easy rules for normal people, but……not for a Milkmaid. So, let me tell you about my girl night out………( I followed the rules…I think)004.jpg       It’s wreath-making time. I was asked to do a show and tell about how to make fresh green wreaths. First things first…..cruise the back roads with my junk-yard truck looking for fresh greens to trim. We have lots of cedar bushes growing along the road ditches. Needless to say….I trimmed until I couldn’t trim anymore. 001.jpg      Red berries…..very important, but harder to find. When I finally spotted this bush, I slammed on the brakes and yelled….BERRIES! I found a gold mine! 006.jpg       I also used other greens from my own yard and I collected some pinecones for more options. A girl always needs options….right?! I made a few wreaths to show them what they can do. 008.jpg      Before we got to the wreath making we also had a cookie exchange. They were all wrapped up in fancy packages. It looked quite festive.010.jpg      Of course, we had to feed our faces. The food is always fabulous! How about that hot dip and chips?!009.jpg     More food…more desserts…yes please!007.jpg     And then it was finally time to get to work. I had piled all the ingredients along the center of the tables. Easy for everyone to reach and grab what they needed. 012.jpg      I grabbed the hot-shot and herded everyone into place. Hahaha Just kidding. We lined up on both sides of the tables and went to work. I did a little demonstration and then they all designed their own. 017.jpg     Look at all the beauty. I was amazed how fast it went. I loved it…..so much fun. And they all went home with a beautiful wreath. What do you think…..do we have talented ladies or what?! 020.jpg      Another group of fine artists. Fantastic work. Does that look like a fun “hen party” yet?! 033.jpg    I taught myself how to make these wreaths last year. Now I’m hooked. I like to hang them inside the house not just outside. Makes for great holiday flair.034.jpg     Here’s one I made with the pinecones. With summer gardening over with….I can still work with “greens”, but just in a different way. 032.jpg     This is the original wreath. All the colors, but the possibilities are endless. I love to forage for the ingredients….I love to work with the greens and create something beautiful….and they smell fabulous! So, does anyone need a wreath for their front door…back door…fireplace? I am at your service….and I can show you how to do it yourself too. I am ready to decorate everything for Christmas………………………..Carol