It’s Thanksgiving week…..time to put all the fall decorations away and begin the madness of Christmas. Actually, my fall décor is long gone and I’ve been full steam ahead on Christmas. So here is what fall on the farm looked like……..003.jpg      I had this set up by the barn. These chairs are very important. When the going gets tough….the tough sit down for a break. I have a pot of lavender planted and I will snip pieces of that and put it in my hair while working. Smells fabulous. The only problem is that if a visitor stops by and I totally forget I have this “stuff” in my hair. Awkward!! 010.jpg      This is my shade garden on the West side of the house. It’s peaceful and serene here and I can “hide” from all the craziness. I had to go somewhere with all those pumpkins I harvested, and so I dumped a bunch around this table.040.jpg     My flowerbed out by the road was in desperate need of attention. I cleaned it up and planted pansies and put my biggest orange pumpkins here. Since then….the deer have eaten a 1/3 of the pansies. Not a good situation.108.jpg      This guy sat here for weeks…..and he never once stopped smiling. It got to be rather annoying. Doesn’t everyone have a bad day once in awhile?!  I need to know his secret……016.jpg      What a warm welcome to the farm……a scary looking skull. It fit right in with all the fall decorations.109.jpg     This was one of my favorite pictures. All the colors were so vibrant and it looked so festive. A sweet retreat from all the muck and mire we deal with every day. Since then….all the pumpkins have been dumped on the compost pile out in the pasture. We had some wicked cold weather and they all turned to mush. 022      Here we have part of the gang. That pup is Queen of the farm. Happy Thanksgiving from me to you…………………………..Carol