This is it my dear friends. When you think you’ve hit rock bottom and you can’t go any lower……trust me…you can. There’s another level underneath rock bottom. I know…..I’ve been there…..and it ain’t pretty. 165.jpg     The pictures I’m posting with this story are of peace and tranquility…..because this story has nothing to do with peace. So here goes….I was outside doing chores. I got a phone call. I forgot all about my hair appointment. I was seriously late. What’s a girl to do?! 047.jpg      I looked around and all the vehicles were gone….except for the “old” farm truck. The one that’s ready for the crusher. Every farm has one. Well, I thought….I’m a big girl I can do this. It’s a standard 5 speed and I’ve driven it for years all over the place. All is well…….until I’m coming home…….237.jpg       I’m sitting in the busiest intersection of town…in the turning lane and I’m the first one in line. There’s traffic everywhere…my light turns green. I go to take off and that sorry beast stalls out. I panic and try to start it, but it just whines…and whines…again and again. By now, I’m in freak out mode. In my total hysteria I must have pumped the gas too many times because I could smell that the engine had flooded. Meanwhile I could hear horns blaring behind me over and over and over……..  125.jpg        All kinds of thoughts were racing through my mind. Like….they’re going to have to push me through the intersection just to get me out of the way!!! What do I do?!?! Help!!! I couldn’t look around. I knew the whole intersection was watching to see what the crazy girl in the old “crusher truck” was going to do next. In my desperate state of mind I suddenly cried out JESUS! And started praying……Lo and behold that old beast suddenly popped off! I was saved…..but wait. Just then I looked up and MY LIGHT HAD JUST TURNED RED AGAIN!! My heart sank down to my toes. The whole intersection was at a complete standstill. I knew I couldn’t sit through another cycle of lights, and so I stomped on the gas and I shot through that intersection like a red rocket. As I roared out of town I thought to myself…..there ain’t nobody gonna catch me!!!132.jpg       Once outside of town I tried to calm my brain….I didn’t know if I should laugh, cry, or scream. When I came to the first stop sign I was feeling a deep anger boiling up inside of me. I hated that old truck with a purple passion. So, I burned some rubber and did my best to lay that transmission on the road. I wanted that truck dead!!! 113.jpg       I was never so glad to see home. I was so traumatized that I couldn’t get out of the truck. I sat there for at least 30 minutes with the events playing over and over in my head. I wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out!!! My worst nightmare had come true!! It took me 4 days before I could leave the farm.  So, the moral of this story is…….there is power in the name of JESUS and at least I had nice hair!!! Welcome to my perfect world……………………..Carol