Well, the house is quiet again. Our family and friends have all gone home and now it’s back to the real world. It’s time to share all the holiday favorites that happened on the farm. You’ll never guess what we accomplished this year as far as decorations go……..090.jpg       This star is at the top of the silo……70 feet high. I’ve been dreaming of this for years. Michael built the star with scrap wood. Candace wrapped it with lights and here we are…..ready for the “lifting ceremony”. Can we do it?!?!092.jpg       Michael hooked a pulley at the top of the ladder and threaded a long rope through it and pulled it back down to the bottom.093.jpg      We took the rope and tied it to the star while Michael started pulling from the top. He tied the rope to his leg while slowly climbing down. Marshall and Candace held on to the star and started the slow climb up.100.jpg      When Michael and Candace met in the middle they switched gears. Candace tied the rope to her leg and Michael grabbed the star and followed it the rest of the way while Candace climbed down. 105.jpg       Slowly but surely the star reached the top. At this point Candace thought her leg was going to fall off and Marshall and I were trying to figure out how to tie the rope at the bottom.111.jpg     Candace was crying HELP! My leg! My leg! Tie the rope! Quick! My leg is going to fall off! Hurry! 113.jpg     Marshall wasn’t too alarmed. He had to get a good chuckle in first before he helped rescue “big sis”.124.jpg       Once we had the star at the top then it was time to stabilize it. Michael and Candace took zip-ties and tied everything down tight. Meanwhile at the bottom…….we have Marshall taking it easy. 128.jpg      This whole process took about 45 minutes. Michael was so glad to get back on solid ground he kissed the grass. He said he did ask himself while hanging on the top….is this star worth dying for? 145.jpg         We couldn’t wait until after chores that night to have our lighting ceremony. Marshall had a big empty 55 gallon drum he was beating on for the “drumroll”…. Michael was screaming out “Joy To The World” while holding the electrical cord ready to plug in…. Candace and I were recording and chanting. Yep, we get excited around here! 176.jpg     Christmas may be over but we aren’t going to take it down just yet. It took too much time and effort to get this monster to the top. It’s staying up for the month of January. 132.jpg        Michael and Candace stood and admired their hard work for awhile. I certainly don’t want to climb that silo. Yikes! So that’s the “star of the show” around here. Isn’t it awesome………………………..Carol