We survived the holidays and we’re trying to get back into the groove of things. I cooked and baked like a domestic goddess the whole month of December. Basically I’m burned out. I’d like to tell the family to just please eat cereal for the whole month of January. Can you imagine?! Here are a few highlights of our downhome Christmas……………..174      One of those really cold and foggy mornings. So, does that mean 30 days later we are going to have inclement weather?!?! Help me if we do! This is our little farm house decked out for the holidays. 157

        I did my annual Santa hat photo shoot with the calves. It takes forever to get a decent picture. All they do is shake their head and the hat falls into the poop. They think it’s total nonsense and I think it’s totally cute. 031.jpg      My family came to visit and that made it special. We always feel left out because we can’t travel for the holidays. So, they come to us and we always have a great time. My brother comes from the big city so this is a big thing to get him out into the dirty barn. He borrowed some boots and a coat and helped Candace and Marshall feed calves. Yee haw! 028.jpg     My parents were also here. I wish they would come more often. My Mom loves to clean and you know my farm house is always dirty! What a lovely couple! 188.jpg     I made peanut butter balls. These were Marshall’s favorite. I baked more cookies than I did candy. My mouth is watering just looking at these……..003.jpg     Christmas eve was the best. I fixed mulled cider and we had a shrimp boil. We were sipping and feasting all night.021.jpg     I line the table with a plastic tablecloth and then lay down newspaper and just dump the whole mess right in the middle of the table. We eat with our hands or if you must….I’ll let you have a fork…..and of course lots of melted butter.148 ……..and then we all fell into a heavy food coma. We slept for hours and hours. Haha Only the “chic” is allowed to do that.033.jpg      Aside from all the food and fun, we continued to milk the bossy bovines morning and evening. They never take a holiday.  We are survivors. I’m still trying to get all decorations back into storage. I’m ready for spring………………………Carol