Alrighty….this is it. I’ve decided to end the story writing and move on to other things. I’m going to reach for other dreams and goals. I’ll send off with a few more dairy farm pictures. 032      This is our favorite barn cat. He’s always hogging the heater and parks himself right smack in the way. This is where we warm our cold “paws” when the weather gets to be wicked cold.033      Now that Michael is off to college during the week Marshall has had to step it up and help carry the heavy load. Sure is nice to have plenty of help. 144      Yours truly…..still milking those bossy bovines….morning and evening. It’s dirty work and the cold and mud makes everything miserable. I cannot wait until spring and warmer weather.010     Speaking of spring….check out my peonies. I have a few that are popping out of the ground. Now that is a beautiful sight to see!!058              And you know the rules for January…….dip strawberries in chocolate to keep your sanity. Yep….the madness has begun. One of my favorite treats. 019          We’ve been grazing the cows on wheat when the weather permits. The pasture is across the road. We string up a flimsy wire fence to give them a few guidelines and off they go. They usually head straight for the green grass unless you’re a naughty girl. Then you have to push the limits and see what you can get away with. 055       And then we have the “double trouble” duo. Matching sweaters?!?! Now I’ve seen it all! Haha That’s pretty much what we’ve been doing this month. Milking cows, feeding calves, scraping cow poop, plodding through all the deep mud, and keeping the little “Dixie chic” warm.

      Thank you so much for coming along with me and reading all my stories about farm life. It’s been a learning experience and fun to share our little corner of the world with you. I’m hoping for a great year of gardening and life on the farm. Life is good! Love to all………………………..Carol