My name is Carol Troyer. I live on a dairy farm in northeastern Oklahoma with my husband Earl, and our three children…..Candace, Michael, and Marshall. We stay busy milking cows….feeding calves….scraping cow poop….and all other dairy farm responsibilities. I love gardening when I’m not busy doing farm work. Flowers and vegetables…..it feeds my heart and soul. Here we are all nice and cleaned up from our dirty farm work.003

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Karen Kay Hostetler said:

    Lovely post! Didn’t know you blog…


  2. Shirley Kennell said:

    Carol Troyer! Why was I the last to find out about this blog!!


  3. Sue Cutler said:

    Hey Carol, long time no see little one. I heard about your website and think it’s amazing! What happen to the little girl that came to my house for art lessons? There is so much to tell you and so much to share! I will be contacting mom to acquire your personal email.


    • Dairy Daze said:

      Wow! Nice to hear from you….neighbor. I still have many fond memories of you and your family. Guess what? I always have a sink full of dirty dishes! Does that bring back memories?!


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